We're a husband and wife team who have decades of experience in education. As parents ourselves, we know how important parent-child relationships and learning are to student success. But so many parents lack the resources they need to effectively support their students. That's why we started Parents Supporting Student Achievement.


Do you want to help your children succeed academically? We're dedicated to the young people of our country and know they're the future. Our educational books are designed to give students everything they need to succeed.

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Bill Atkins

William has over 36 years of experience in education and youth programming. He is the team visionary.  Presently he is working for a school system as an administrator designing and implementing school improvement plans, evaluating instruction, and supporting student achievement.  For decades, William has been designing programs that support families, communities, and children.  William has been happily married for over 25 years and is a father of four.  He clearly understands the work needed to support student achievement and development as a parent, teacher, and administrator. 

William’s background in teaching, administration, and community programming is extensive. He has led, coached, and created youth programs in rural, suburban, and inner-city communities servicing nearly every demographic in the country.  He strongly believes in Christ, family, and consistent work practices that support achievement in every field of human endeavor.

Sheryl Atkins

Sheryl has over 27 years of experience in criminal and civil law.  Sheryl is an experienced litigator who has served as a city prosecutor in Virginia and Maryland.  She is also experienced in education and labor and employment law.  She served as a division leader who fostered community relationships between police officers and community members in Baltimore, Maryland.  Having significant experience in both leadership and serving the public, Sheryl values fostering community relations and forging safer communities. She also understands the relationship between academic preparation, career readiness, and success.

Sheryl has also spent several years coaching youth sports and volunteering with the local PTA.  She was a Girl Scouts leader, Sunday school teacher, and Parent Youth Dance Assistant.  She also worked closely with her husband when he implemented summer basketball and flag football leagues in their community.  Sheryl is happily married and a mother of four.  She has also spent years serving her community through various outreach programs. 

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