Providing educational resources for parents that support student achievement

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Parents Supporting Student Achievement Facebook Group

“Providing educational resources for parents that support student achievement”

In the summer of 2021, Bill and Sheryl formed a Facebook Group titled, Parents Supporting Student Achievement (PSSA).  The Facebook page grew from two members to over 1100 followers in twelve days.  The size of the group is still growing rapidly. Bill and Sheryl would love for you to join this Facebook Group.

This is a virtual meeting ground where parents and educators collaboratively post and share information that supports student achievement.  Everyday, post and comments are made on this page.  All information being shared within this group is for parents.  As stated above, the page provides educational resources for parents that support student achievement.

There is also a group within the group called the Faculty Lounge.  The information being posted within this group is geared towards educators primarily.  While all PSSA members can join the Faculty Lounge, the information being posted in this group is educator specific.

Bill and his wife Sheryl have been committed to family, student achievement, education, and youth programming for decades.  For the last several years this couple have been journaling, reading, and learning about ways to support student achievement. The recent book publishing effort grew out of years of journaling, research and rapid growth of the newly formed Facebook Group, Parents Supporting Student Achievement.

Five books within the series were authored by Bill. Two of the books in the series were co-authored by Bill and Sheryl. It is our hope that you will consider purchasing our books.  Even if you do not, please join the Facebook Group called, Parents Supporting Student Achievement.

Parents Supporting Student Achievement



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